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About Us


We are committed to providing beautiful, high end pieces from our carefully curated SkivvieBox partners.

We feature brands that take a timeless approach to quality & craftsmanship.

Our creative department works hard to make sure we're sharing designs that are at the forefront of fashion and we tailor our monthly SkivvieBox deliveries to be as unique as our customers.


SkivvieBox is a service that delivers beautiful lingerie directly to you on a monthly basis. We love the shape of a woman’s body and we love lingerie. We feel that everyone should treat themselves or their friends and family with a little lingerie indulgence. Each month, you will receive a delivery containing unique and customized lingerie pieces that you will love!

At SkivvieBox, we understand what it’s like to shop for lingerie. There are the big corporate retailers like Victoria’s Secret, who offer beautiful lingerie in every mall across the country. There are also the local boutique shops that also offer amazing and unique lingerie pieces. Sometimes, though, shopping can be inconvenient. That’s why we offer a fun and convenient alternative to mall or online shopping.

Whether you are looking for delightful panties delivered monthly, or looking for the convenience of having bras, panties, garters, hosiery, sleepwear and accessories (oh my!) delivered to your doorstep, SkivvieBox delivers! Every month, we will send you a shipment of beautiful lingerie that is unique to you and your style!

SkivvieBox was created out of the desire to give women the ability to have exclusive and unique lingerie delivered directly to them or their loved ones. Lingerie shouldn’t be a taboo term – it should be embraced, much like all women. As women, we are strong, sexy, powerful, empowered, and simply beautiful!

Every woman should experience the unexpected whimsy of trying on a piece of lingerie and completely wow-ing themselves!

Our goal is to provide you with an exclusive personal lingerie service that is worry-free, convenient, and fun. If it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t match your style, you can send it back and we will send replacement pieces.

What You Receive

VALUE, EXCLUSIVITY AND CONVENIENCE For $59 a month, you receive a SkivvieBox filled with luxurious, high quality lingerie that you would typically pay $100 - $150 elsewhere. Keep in mind, SkivvieBox delivers directly to your door so there is no need to drive to the boutique or mall in search of the perfect skivvies.

You can choose from "Just The Basics" (Think basic bra and panty sets), "A Little Flirty" (flirty/sexy sleepwear, bra and panty sets), or "Everynight is Date Night" (Teddies, Corsets, etc). If you want mostly just the basics and some sexy lingere, you can add it in the Skivvie Style guide!

Your SkivvieBox ships once a month, typically around the 1st of the month. Shipping is free, exchanges and returns are free, there are no clubs to join and you can skip months and cancel anytime. Discreet shipping is available.

Becoming a subscriber to SkivvieBox, whether you are indulging yourself, giving a gift to your friends, your family, or your significant other just makes sense. SkivvieBox.com gives you private access to exclusive brands, styles, and designers that aren’t found in everyday boutiques or shops.

You may wonder - what if it doesn’t fit? What if I don’t like it? At SkivvieBox, we LOVE lingerie, so we know that fit makes all the difference. That’s why you get our Skivvie Fit Guarantee! Our goal is to provide you with an exclusive personal lingerie service that is, not only worry-free, but convenient, and fun.


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