200L plastic pail additive filling machinery

200L plastic pail aditivities filling machinery roller conveyor optional

Brand: : GLZON
Model: : GFM-200

200L plastic pail aditivities filling machinery

The liquid filling machine is a kind of semi-automatic filling machine, USES the filling liquid surface, 200L pail filler suits no bubble or mild foam material.Unique design of the spray gun is easy to operation and fast, precise filling.

Weight adjusting range: 100 ~ 300 kg
When material interface: DN40 material inlet pressure < 0.6 MPa
When filling speed: 1 ~ 2 barrels (200 l) per minute (size 1.5 ", ensure material flow 280 l/min)
When filling accuracy: 0.2 on the Richter scale are unlikely
When gun structure: contact part of the material is 316, 316 l stainless steel material, the rest of the material is 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, etc
When air supply: pressure 0.5 + / - 0.1 Mp, consumption of 10 m3 / h, 8 ㎜ trachea quick connectors
When the power supply: 220 VAC (15% ~ + 15%), 50 hz
When the operation is simple, easy to install

Type filling pause
1, single barrel filling (200 l barrels single barrel filling)
2, 4 barrel filling (200 l barrels 4 barrel filling only)
3, tons of barrel filling (IBC ton barrels)
More than 4, filling head (many product categories, spear cannot mix configuration)
5, under liquid surface filling (for material flow generates a bubble situation configuration)
6, explosion-proof requirements (order specifies that the Ann, flame-proof)
Performance characteristics:
1, through the keyboard to modify products filling weight value and the related parameters.
2, with double speed filling to the fastest speed and the highest accuracy.
3, bull barrels, when the filling gun not aligned barrel, can protect the filling machine and avoid vessel injury.
4, filling height is adjustable, to adapt to the height of the different containers.
5, positioning device to help vessel registration.
6, rapid change spray gun head, adapt to different caliber of the vessel.
7, anti-skid device positioning device, to avoid container moving when filling.
8, contact with the liquid part adopts 304 or 316 stainless steel, sealers adopt ptfe (preservative).

Scope of application:
Mixer vans used lubricating oil, grease, diesel oil, engine oil, grease, vehicle gear oil, Marine oil, motorcycle oil;
Industrial lubricants, grease: hydraulic oil, emulsified oil, gear oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, transmission oil, electric oil, rubber oil, rail oil, heat conduction oil, frozen oil, chain oil, food grade lubricants, bearing oil, transformer oil, high temperature shock absorber oil, lubricating oil, general oil, knitting oil, damping oil, metal conditioning agent, equipment with oil and other industrial oil, etc.;
Additives: antioxidant anticorrosion agent, anti-wear extreme pressure agent, catalyst, antioxidant, adhesive agent, thickening agent, anti-rust agent, blood coagulation agent, demulsifier, metal passivator, viscosity index improver, defoaming anti-foam agent, compound agent, PH regulator, extreme pressure agent, clean dispersants and other additives, etc.;
Base oil: mineral base oil, synthetic base oil, vegetable base oil;
Metal cutting fluid: water-soluble cutting fluid, oily volatile stamping oil, cutting fluid, other cutting fluid;
Related instrument: lubricating oil analysis instruments, test instrument, the simulation platform, etc.
Pieces of lubricating oil production, packaging, filling and label printing, harmonic evaluation test equipment and instruments, full excellent lubrication technology, evaluation method and quality control technology, etc.;
Lubrication system and equipment: lubrication system design, development, maintenance and related processing equipment of form a complete set of environmental protection, etc.;
Maintenance products: antifreeze, brake fluid, coolant, brake oil, antiwear agent, clean fuel additives, detergents, brightening agent, cleaning agent, glass antifoggant repairing adhesive, glass, automotive paint, paint coating, net carbon deposition, refrigerant, snow, preservative agent, synergist, improver, bare, low-temperature start agent, adhesive, sealant, such as car maintenance supplies outside the door.



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