Fine FS-1200C weighing controller

Fine FS-1200C weighing controllerHigh & Low 2 Step Control WeighingFS-1200C Weighing Indicator is particularly suitable for weight and measures approved applications such as a Feed Weighing,

Original: : KOREA
Brand: : FINE
Model: : FS-1200C

Fine FS-1200C weighing controller


High & Low 2 Step Control Weighing

FS-1200C Weighing Indicator is particularly suitable for weight and measures approved 
applications such as a Feed Weighing, Discharging Weighing, Accumulated Weighing, Weight 
Checking through High, Low 2Step Control Relay.

FS-1200C also is available in a robust Aluminium housing for front panel mounting.
Particularly optimum use for interference suppression and long-term stability in harshest 
● 2Step Control Relay(High, Low) 
● Auto Free Fall Compensation 
● High, Low, Finish, Empty/Zero 4pcs Relay Built In. 
● Bigger 7 Segment LED Display(12mm(w) x 20mm(h)), Red, Green, Orange Color Adjustable
● Easy and Comfortable Calibration Operations(Zero Adjust Range: -4 mV ~ +42.0 mV) 
● High Non-Linearty Range( 0.005% of Full Scale.) 
● 3Kinds of Display Color Changeable according to the weight Setting
● Standard Time Chip Built in for configuration of Remote Display and Printer.
● Standard RS-232C/Current Loop Interface Built In for PC,PLC, External Equipment. 
● 4 ~20mA, 0~10V Analog Output Adjustable
1. Analog Input & A/D Conversion Section
Input Sensitivity0.2 μ V/D
Zero Adjust Range-0.6mV ~ +42.0 mV
Load cell Supply VoltageDC 10V( ± 5V)
Max. loadcell Input Voltage32 mV
Temperature Coefficient± 20 ppm / °C
Input Noise± 0.5 μv P.P
Input ImpedanceMore than 10 ΜΩ
A/D Conversion400,000 Count
Non-Linearty Range0.005% of Full Scale
Conversion MethodDual - Slop ( Appr. 50times / Sec)
2. Digital Section
Max. Display“ 999950”
A Digitx1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50
Display7 Segment, 6Digit Red High Luminance LED Display
Character Size20m Height
KeypadNumeral Keypad and Function Key(0~9),CLR,SET,PRINT
Data Back-UpPermanent Record
Time Chip PowerIridium Battery CR 2032
3. General Section
Power Voltage1Phase, 110 / 220VAC(± 10%), 50/60Hz, 10VA
Indicator WeightNet 3.3Kg, Packing 3.8Kg
Temperature-10 °C ~ 40°C
MoistureLess than 85% RH
Dimension198mm x 98mm x 135mm
4. Option Section
Basic Standard 1Serial Interface : RS-232C
Basic Standard 2Current Loop
Option 3Parallel Interface : BCD OUT Weight( Positive, Negative Logic)
Option 4Serial Interface : RS-422, RS-485
Option 5Analog Output : 0~10V or 10V ~ 0V
Option 6Analog Output : 4~20 mA or 20 ~ 4 mA
Option 7Printer Interface : Centronics Parallel


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