Unipulse F701 basic weighing controller

Unipulse F701 basic weighing controllerF701 is a general-purpose weighing controller that is compatible with all weighing systems. This is a practical device excellent in cost effectiveness, which is

Original: : Japan
Brand: : Unipulse
Model: : F701

Unipulse F701 basic weighing controller

F701 is a general-purpose weighing controller that is compatible with all weighing systems. This is a practical device excellent in cost effectiveness, which is equipped with the final discharge function allowing high-accuracy feeding and discharging weighing control, the weighing sequence function essential to hopper and packing scales, and the interface connectable to various peripherals such as RS-232C and BCD output.


Excitation voltage10V DC ±5%, Output current; within 120mA, remote sense type (Up to 4 loadcells at 350Ω are parallel-connectable.)
Zero adjustment range0 - 1.5mV/V for HI gain
0 - 3.0mV/V for LO gain (digital adjustment) 
Input of approx. 0.5mV/V or 1.0mV/V, Selectable adjust to zero [by dip switch on the rear panel]
Gain adjustment range2 stages of gain selectable according to the output of loadcell [by dip switch on the rear panel]
0.5 - 1.5mV/V for HI gain, 1.0 - 3.0mV/V for LO gain (digital adjustment)
Min. input sensitivity0.5μV / count
AccuracyNon-linearity: within 0.01%/FS
Zero drift: within 0.2μV/°C RTI (Typ: 0.15μV/°C) 
Gain drift: within 15ppm/°C (Typ: 7ppm/°C)
Noise: within 0.1μVp-p RTI (0.1 - 10 Hz)
Analog filterBessel low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.) selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
A/D converterSpeed: 100 times/sec
Resolution: 16 bit
Min. display resolution1/10000
Secondary calibrationCalibration can be carried out without an actual load by connecting a resistor to one of the bridges of a loadcell.
Setting method? Keyboard operation (membrane switch with a key click buzzer) 
? External setting is available by installing a setting point option or RS-232C option
Setting value storage? Initial set values: NOV RAM (Non-volatile RAM)
? Other set values: C-MOS RAM with backup of a lithium battery (Effective for more than 7 years depending on usage conditions and storage environment.)
Setting value protectionSetting operation can be locked to prevent unauthorized modifications of default values and calibration by malfunction
External output signalTransistor’s open collector output (Emitter = COM terminal); Output is LO when transistor is ON (Near zero, SP1, SP2, SP3, go or comp, over, under, high limit, Low limit, stable, weight alarm or error, run)
External input signalON when shorted to COM terminal by TTL-level relay, switch, transistor, or open collector output. (Feed / discharge, tare ON, tare OFF, zero, gross / net, hold or judgment, start, stop) (Drive current: 10mA or less)
Output Conditions- SP1: Net weight >= final weight-SP1
- SP2: Net weight >= final weight-before final
- SP3: Net weight >= final weight-FF
- Under: Net weight < final weight-underweight
- Over: Net weight > final weight-overweight
- Go: Final weight+overweight >= netweight >= final weight-underweight
  • ? SIF:

  • 2-wire type serial interface (standard); Interface to link with Unipulse printer or external display


  • ? SPI:

  • Interface for set-point units (Optional); Interface to enter various set values via digital switches


  • ? BCO:

  • BCD parallel data output interface (Optional): Parallel interface to transmit weight data to a printer, external display, PC or sequencer.


  • ? 232:

  • RS-232C communication interface (Optional): Write (change) / read weight data, various statuses and setting values from a PC or sequencer.


  • ? 485:

  • RS-485 communication interface (Optional): Allows longer-distance communication than RS-232C. ID numbers are set, and multiple units of F701 are parallel-connectable.


  • ? DAC:

  • D/A converter interface (Optional); Interface to convert weight data to current signal and output it.

Display unitNumerical display (7 digits) with a character height of 18.5 mm by fluorescent display tube
Display value5 digits, Minus sign displayed on most significant digit
Scale capacity5-digit numerical values
Min. scale division1 to 100
Decimal pointSelectable from 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000 (with zero blanking function)
Over-scale displayInput of A/D converter overflow, Net weight over the set net value, scale capacity + 9 scale divisions, Gross weight over the set gross weight
Center zeroTrue zero point or the center of each value is displayed.
Unit displaySelectable from t, kg, g, N, lb, none
Power supply voltage85 - 110V, 102 - 132V, 170 - 220V, 187 - 242V AC (Please specify when ordering), 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionApprox. 15VA
Operating conditionsTemperature: Working temperature range -10°C - +40°C; Storage temperature range -20 - +85°C
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)
External dimensions192 (W) x 96 (H) x 160 (D) [mm] (protruding parts not included)
Panel cutout dimensions186(+2 / -0) (W) x 92 (+1 / -0)(H) mm  (protruding parts not included)
*Installation panel thickness: 1.6 mm or more
WeightApprox. 2.2 kg
AC input cord (2m)1
Spare fuse (1A)1
Loadcell input connector1
Control signal I/O connector1
Flathead screwdriver1
Operation Manual1
Set point unit connector (when set point unit option is installed)1
BCD output connector (when BCD output option is installed)1
D/A converter connector (when D/A converter option is installed)1


SPISet point unit interface
BCOBCD parallel data output interface
232RS-232C communication interface
485RS-485 communication interface
DACD/A converter interface

Optional accessories

E780Set point unit
LB01-NHLithium battery (with NH connector)
CAAC2P-P2AC input cord 2 m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-P1.5AC input cord (250V withstand voltage) 1.5 m
CN3P-2P3P-2P conversion plug for AC input cord
CA4131(6-core) cable with JR connector at one end (cable end is separated) 3 m
CA4230JR-PRC conversion relay (6-core) cable 0.3 m
CA4311JR-PRC conversion relay (6-core) 4-wire type / 6-wire type (for 520A) 1m
CA7Coaxial cable with BCN on both ends 1.5 m
CA8BNC-alligator clip cable 1.5 m
CA3150Flexible flat cable with 57F 36 pins at both ends
CN2157 series 36p connector for BCD output / set point unit
CN2357 series 24p connector for external input / output
CN35D-sub 25p connector for RS-232C


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