GZBSS stainless steel anticorrosion weighing module

GZBSS stainless steel anticorrosion weighing moduleGZBSS stainless steel weighing module corrosion resistanceWeighing Module Product Description:1. Imported stainless steel welding sealed sensor, prot

Brand: : GLZON
Model: : GZBSS

GZBSS stainless steel anticorrosion weighing module

GZBSS stainless steel weighing module corrosion resistance

Weighing Module Product Description:

1. Imported stainless steel welding sealed sensor, protection class IP68, can be used in a variety of harsh environments

2. The sensor meets the IMLR60C3 and NTEP10000IIIL requirements

3. Self-stabilizing pressure head design, always maintain the correct loading position, weighing repeatability is good

4. Equipped with adjustable horizontal limit bolt

5. Installation is simple and fast

6. Easy maintenance, saving downtime maintenance time

7. Suitable for weighing and weighing process such as conveying raceway scale with horizontal impact force

Weighing module Scope:

Capacity: 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7.5,8,10,12,15,18,20 t, 25t, 30tt

Load: dynamic load

Environment: Explosion protection

Weighing module applications: platform, raceway, pipeline


Weighing module description:

Weighing module principle:

Weighing module with a typical chemical reactor weighing, for example, installed in the bottom of the reactor three pressure weighing module will be the weight of the kettle body signal transmission to the junction box. The junction box in parallel with the weighing module signal, and according to the load module load conditions to adjust the angle difference, after the collection of the weight signal sent to the weighing end or weight transmitter. The weighing terminal or the weight transmitter processes the weight signal into the corresponding weight data.

For non-professional users, the direct use of load cells is very difficult.

Weighing module is a new type of weighing element, it will load cell, load transfer device and the installation of connectors and other components together, can be very convenient and various shapes of mechanical devices connected, such as raceway, platform , Cans, tanks, hoppers and so on.

The system with the weighing module installed can ensure the high accuracy of the load cell, the long-term stability and good characteristics, but also solve the improper installation caused by the weighing error.

Equipment measurements using weighing modules typically achieve higher accuracy.

Weighing module installation:

Generally divided into: fixed, floating, semi-floating three structures, can be used in a variety of harsh conditions.

Weighing module in the use of four dynamic load module installation, in general, two of the three blocks of the restricted position, the other two modules only in the end limit.



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